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What is Reiki and How Does It Work
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Your Reiki Level 1 Journey

This beginner-friendly course lays the groundwork for your Reiki journey, opening doors to divine knowledge, holistic healing, and spiritual growth.

Learn from a teacher dedicated to empowering others through Reiki, ensuring you receive the wisdom and support needed to thrive.

Dive into five hours of insightful theory, engaging discussions, powerful attunements, and practical healing sessions.

Become a Reiki channel: By the end of this training, you willl be equipped to conduct Reiki sessions for yourself, loved ones, and friends, radiating its gentle energy into your life.


Get the most comprehensive hands-on training.

Explore chakras, auras, and energy bodies.

Participate in a 30-minute Chakra Visualization and balancing session with the Master.

Dive into understanding your and others’ energy fields.

Master complete Reiki sessions for yourself and others.

Enhance your health, career, and relationships.

Experience the divine touch during attunement.

Conduct Reiki sessions for yourself, family, and friends.

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