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What is Reiki and How Does It Work
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  1. Make a Lasting Change in Life.
  2. Attract Abundance and  Manifest your Dreams.
  3. Improve your Health, Career and Relationships.
  4. Learn to Heal Self and Others using Reiki.
  5. Experience the touch of divine as you learn with comprehensive Training.

Events Schedule


Venue: Magarpatta City, Pune

Timings 9.30 AM to 2.00 PM 

(MAX 3 Students per Batch)


**Avail 25% Discount on all courses this weekend



LEVEL 1 SAT (Rs 2000)** 

LEVEL 2 – SUN (Rs 3500)**

LEVEL 3 – WED (Rs 5500) 


Every 3rd Saturday (Rs 5000)


Comprehensive training.

Chakra & Aura visualisation.

Cleansing & grounding rituals.

Reiki healing self & others.

Attunement ceremony.

Feel the divine connection.

Full 40-minutes reiki session.

Handbook  (Complete Notes)

Consultation and Registration is FREE – You Pay for the course only AFTER the session 

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Whatsapp: +91-9021168052

Website: www.healings.co.in

Address: Magarpatta City, Pune