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This is a charitable mission. hence you will NEVER get any communication for any sale or product. Do not look for short-cuts and fly by night “Guru’s”. Learn from most authentic and transparent source.

Start your training with Dr. Prakash, a renowned Reiki Grand Master and Healer with over two decades of Experience. He has some of the best genuine reviews.

In case you have any questions about the course or its contents, you’re free to write in the form above. A reply is assured within a short period personally by Dr Prakash. As mentioned earlier, there is no obligation of any kind to take any courses. If you’re not fully satisfied with the answers or the quality of instructions you don’t pay. For those who cannot there are for the discounts which you can avail.

Most important – all the classes and training is strictly on one to one basis. This ensures that you are free to ask any questions and any doubts and complete hands on training.