Myths Surrounding Aura Reading

Myths Surrounding Aura Reading

There are many unfounded Myths Surrounding Aura Reading. This is because many people are interested in methods of aura cleansing, which is an important facet of any energy healing system.

This also gives rise to unethical practices and we come across many self-proclaimed experts who claim that they can see the aura and give unsubstantiated advice.

It is easy to be taken in by their glib talks and tall claims.

Hence there are a few things that you need to know before approaching any of these new-age gurus.

What are these Myths Surrounding Aura Reading?

1       Many Psychics and holistic medicine practitioners make tall claims to have the ability to “see” the aura. The fact is that no one can see it with the naked eye

2       Aura can only be “felt” by a highly intuitive person. Not only that, but what is even more important is how they interpret the Aura.

Myth Surrounding Aura Reading using Kirlian Photography
  1. It is easy to get fooled by someone using fancy equipment and showing a photo of your body surrounded by colours.
  2. Thereafter, he/she gives give half-baked interpretations based on these colour combinations or bands. Nothing can be more damaging. These colours change from moment to moment and cannot (and should not) be interpreted based on a snapshot!
  3. Kirlian photography itself has been the subject of scientific research. It measures the corona discharge, which is an electrical discharge brought on by the ionization of moisture.

Our body consists of 70% fluid as do the bodies of all living organisms. Even non-living items may have a certain amount of moisture which would show up as a halo around that object.

In the original experiment involving a coin, this effect was very prominent and changed the shape, size, color based upon the quantum of electrical charge. A coin does not have a disease or imbalanced chakras!

So what are the Facts about Aura Reading?

All this does not necessarily mean that reading the Aura is total eyewash.

All it means is that one has to be careful and not get carried away by people who make tall claims.  It is important to understand certain facts.

Every substance in the universe has a field of energy around it. In a larger framework, our whole existence itself is in the form of energy. When this energy manifests itself into a certain level of vibrations it takes a physical form.

At the same time, the part of the energy that does not manifest itself into physical form and yet maintains a form is what we call the aura. In a way, it is an extension of your physical body.

Therefore, your physical, mental, and emotional status at that moment has an effect on your physical body AND also shows up in your Aura body.

Hence Aura reflects what is inside and a healing session on aura cleansing has a profound effect on physical health.

During a meditative session, a true Reiki master or energy healer Intuitively feels and makes out the vibrations (or lack of it) of this aura body,  and can suggest remedial measures to rectify any problem you may be having.

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