​Midas Star Atunement


Midas star
Midas Star is not ordinarily taught by Reiki masters. This is because it did not originate with traditional Reiki symbols Midas-star-attunement.
It is a symbol which has developed with the evolution of Reiki. Like all other symbols, this is also a key to channelize intent.
Therefore, just as other symbols of Reiki you need to be attuned to activate it.
What is Midas Star?
You all have heard the story of King Midas. He was granted a unique gift that whatever he touched turned into gold. The story also brings out the fine line between greed and desire.

while it is important to desire a lot of money, but you should never become greedy. You must only desire as much as you need.

Midas Star Atunement
Who does not want to be comfortable and happy? There is absolutely nothing wrong in that. What we need is to strike a fine balance and not let greed become the overriding factor.
When practiced regularly, this symbol soon starts showing positive results.
Therefore it is very important that the attunement is done properly and the procedure of using it thereafter is clear while practicing it.
Midas Star attunement is recommended during or after level 2 of Reiki.
However, since this is not a traditional Reiki symbol, not many Reiki masters talk about it.
You can read more about it HERE
Having the right intent and practicing it regularly literally draws abundance like a magnet.
It is also used to bring comfort and riches to others around you by bringing in good karma and selflessness.
In case you wish to receive FREE Midas Star attunement please contact me HERE.
During and after the attunement, you will be also given the procedure and guidance about how to include it in your Reiki practice.
Midas Star will bring richness, joy, and abundance in your own life as well as those around you.  It bound to help you achieve success in any new endeavor that you embark upon.

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