Karuna Ki Reiki Masterclass

Karuna Reiki Masterclass

If you have been a Usui Reiki practitioner. Why not bring a value addition to your knowledge?

Karuna Reiki is the next logical step in your quest to spiritual journey.

Karuna, as the word suggests, means compassion. Let the compassionate being within you bring profound changes in your life and in life of those around you.
Dr Prakash’s Karuna Reiki is very and can potentially bring lasting changes in your life.

Here is a Review

“I can sincerely say that Dr Prakash’s Karuna ki Reiki class has been a catalyst that has propelled me towards a totally new dimension of awareness.”

Karuna Ki Reiki Master initiation is now within your reach. You can get attunement to all levels of Karuna Reiki in a POWERFUL 3-day workshop that will rock your world and would possibly make a lasting change in your life!

Avail 25 % Discount upto Rs 1000

Note: limited seats as the training is strictly one to one basis. Classes are held daily

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