Healing Crystals Basics

Healing Crystals Basics

What are the Healing Crystals?

Healing crystals are the naturally occurring solids that are formed by a uniform structure of the repeated regular pattern of molecules held together.

These different patterns of molecules when held together collectively, exhibit different vibrations.

These vibrations have natural frequencies that interact with the bio-rhythmic vibrations of living beings and affect their energy fields.

Every gemstone has different frequency, and the way it interacts with the other energy fields can help in healing as well as modifying the surroundings.

Traditionally, keeping Healing crystals in the vicinity or placing them close to your body has been used to promote physical and spiritual healing. This happens by giving a boost to certain specific chakras.

Some Common Healing Crystals

There are many Healing crystals that can commonly be used by anyone. Here is a rough guide to a few of my favorites:

Amethyst: This is a variety of purple quartz that has good resonance with your crown chakra. It thus helps emotionally and used for conditions like sleeplessness, mood swings, boosting memory, etc.

Aventurine: Used for manifesting abundance and money.

Calcite: Used for mental clarity, love, and abundance.

Citrine: used for confidence, mental clarity, and willpower

Labradorite: Works on third eye chakra and helps in connecting to your intuition and higher self (dharma).

Rose quartz: It is well known as the crystal for opening your heart, increasing family bonds, and bringing back love in your life.

Tiger’s Eye: The ultimate solution to grounding and safety by working upon your root chakra

Using the Healing Crystals
  1. Wearing them as jewelry
  2. Keep in your vicinity – in your pocket, or on your desk or home.
Importance of cleansing and charging

Clean the crystals by soaking overnight in salt water (preferably natural sea salt) or salt crystals.

Charging can be done by placing them under a full moon overnight. This should preferably be done by someone who is experienced.

How do Healing Crystals Work?

Simply wearing a crystal as a decorative item doesn’t work. (Click here to read Why Sometimes Crystals Don’t work)

The effect various crystals have depends upon many things like cleaning, charging, placing intent, mindfulness, and faith.

Also very important is the compatibility of the chosen crystal which may produce negative effects, if chosen wrongly.

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