Jeevan Praman Certificate (For Defence Pensioners Outside India)

Please do not be daunted by the instructions below.The actual procedure will take less time than reading this ūüôā

If you are outside India due to an reason and have to generate a Life Certificate (Jeevan Praman) using your mobile phone for continuance of your pension then this post is for you.

Why is it important?

Because you cannot access the same if your IP address is not from India.

Here is a simple procedure to assist you.

Step 1 – Essentials

On your phone download two apps (Note: these are presently ONLY for Android Phone) For Iphones, they will be developed soon, so do keep checking.

1. Download these apps on your android phone.

(a) Jeevan Pramaan App.

(b) Aadhaar Face Rd (Early Access) App. (NOTE: This app will NOT be visible once you download but will work in the background).

DO NOT open the Jeevan Pramaan App at the moment. Later when you open, will ask you permission to use the camera. (please give it at that time only)

2. VERY IMPORTANT STEP: Set the Time and date on your mobile to EXACT INDIA time (else you will get time and date error after taking picture)- For this click on the clock on your screen and then the three dots OR go to settings and search time and date. See screens below for guidance.


Jeevan Praman
Jeevan Praman
Jeevan Praman
Jeevan Praman

3.    Keep these details handy, preferably on your phone notepad Рthis is so that you can copy paste instead of typing-

  • Your Aadhar Number
  • Phone number
  • PPO number
  • Official email ID
  • Payee Bank account number Use split screen or floating screen if possible to make it easier to copy paste.

(b)    Download the app urbanVPN. DO NOT Open

4. PROCEDURE (see screens below)

Open the Urban VPN and choose INDIA server. Then switch it on. Go for free version which gives you 100 MB per day which is adequate. The sequence is given below:

Jeevan Pramaan App
Jeevan Pramaan App
Jeevan Pramaan App
Jeevan Pramaan App
Jeevan Pramaan App
Jeevan Pramaan App

Then open the Jeevan Praman App

Fill in your AAdhar details as per screen.Then follow normal procedure which you are otherwise aware. Same is given below too.


Jeevan Pramar Screen

The first time it will be for the facilitator (which can be you too- so fill your details)’

Then after your pic is taken, wait for the confirmatory message. Thereafter the SAME screen will come again- this is for the person whose life certificate is to be generated (ie you again). But this time next screen will ask for more details.

1. Type of Pension

2. Organisation Type

3. Sanctioning Authority

4. Disbursing Agency Рfill those up, take a picture when prompted and wait for confirmation. screenshot the confirmation. 





Note: While taking picture – face the source of light, center your face, BLINK your eyes (You CAN wear glasses too) till the capture is confirmed.



At the end, please uninstall the Urban VPN.