Distance Healing with Reiki

Distance Healing is a procedure in which I send healing energy remotely over a distance.

I use two methodologies –

  1. Sending the healing remotely at a fixed day and time, and
  2. Sending healing in real-time using a phone/zoom call guided method at a fixed time.

The first methodology is FREE to try for the first three days. After which, a nominal amount of $5 is charged for every session. However, for minor ailments, healing occurs in the first three sessions itself.

When you wish to receive healing on a LIVE zoom session, the cost is $5 per session (there are no free sessions here)

About Distance Healing

Distance healing is safe, convenient, and an economical method to receive the divine Reiki healing. There are no restrictions or religious beliefs. The effect of distance healing is exactly similar to in-person healing, and you can avoid visiting a reiki or energy therapist. You will feel immediate relaxation, anxiety reduction, energy restoration, and improvement in your medical situation.
Healing energy is sent daily during the first three days. Thereafter, based on need, the sessions will be will preferably every alternate day at a given time, depending upon your time zone.
A distance healing session typically lasts for 15-20 minutes.

Points to Note for Distance Healing

  • Although the fees are minimal as specified above, it is only an indicator. There are no constraints.
  • Those who cannot afford can avail themselves free or as per their capacity.
  • You pay the fee only after the session, hence if not satisfied, you need not pay! No questions asked.
  • If satisfied, you can pay more as per your capacity to invite good karma for those who cannot pay.
  • Instant results, in some cases, are not guaranteed because a lot depends upon the type and duration of the problem.
  • In no case should you stop your medication on your own without the advice of your doctor based on evaluation of the changing condition after receiving Reiki.
  • You can also plan for package deals for chronic issues for up to six months.

Information I Need from You for Distance Healing

Please write to me with the following:

Preferably send me your recent picture, and in case of relationship issues and money matters, I will need the pictures of both the parties involved (eg your spouse, friend, money lender/receiver, etc)

My Mission for Distance Healing

I do not wish to be misleading in any manner and hence do not offer any false promises or daily reports. I am merely a conduit for passing divine healing energy and will try most sincerely.
My mission is to help relieve pain and suffering wherever I can.
In the past seen astounding results, and my testimonials speak for themselves.
I hope you find the above information to be of help.

Get in Touch HERE for booking your appointment or any clarification.