Crystal Grids for Strengthening Family Bonds — D

Crystal Grids for Strengthening Family Bonds

Crystal grids for strengthening family bonds are an important tool as a relationship between many couples take a toll because of a fast-paced lifestyle. Since everyone is involved in their own activities and jobs there is a certain lack of communication between family members who do not spend much time with each other.
Sometimes the spouses get involved in extramarital relationships at workplace since they spend much more time there as compared to their home.
Often parents do not have time to spend with their children with the result that there are personality development issues that start at a very young age.
Most newly married couples have issues of compatibility and adjustment issues in the first few years. These can be set right only by a commitment and looking each other’s faults.
Reiki is a form of meditation that helps in many ways in not only improving health but making the bonds of friendship as well as relationships stronger.
Using Reiki along with for crystal grids for strengthening family bonds brings peace of mind and helps in remaining calm despite provocations. When we combine Reiki meditation with crystals, the results are almost magical.
These grids should be energized by proper Reiki practitioners or from a Reiki master in person at least for the first time. Later it can be powered using distant Reiki too.
How crystal grids for strengthening family bonds are energized makes all the difference in giving the results that you desire.
How To Make Crystal Grids for Strengthening Family Bonds.
The picture given on top is a sample of crystal grids for strengthening family bonds that can be used by anyone for improvement of relationships after getting it energized from a Reiki Master energizing it yourself in case you are a Ricky practitioner who has been taught the second level and above.
Note: Every grid has to be personalized. The Sample grid shown above is for bringing together a couple who have friction in their relationship because of the “other woman” in the husband’s life.
Anyone who has this problem can use it. To make a grid do the following-

  • Take a paper and write your affirmation as for creating a fulfilling relationship and strong family bonds and bringing (your name), (hubby’s name) & (Others name e.g. child’s name) together.
  • Then fold this paper four times.
  • Take a plate, place a large paper sheet or cloth on it
  • This folded sheet is to be kept in the center
  • On this folded sheet place Pictures of you on right hubby.
  • Make the grid using the grid stones as shown, after washing them. The quantities and placements have been given.
  • Charge with Reiki 15 minutes (If you know- else ask a Reiki master to do it, but ensure he/she does it in your presence)
  • Place the grid in your prayer room after your prayer.
  • Recharge every 3 days.

Hope this helps!
For crystal grids to deal with specific personal problems, please feel free to write to me HERE giving details of the problems that you wish to resolve
God Bless…Wish you best!

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