Attract Miracles by Living in Purity

Attract Miracles by Living in Purity

All of us have an urge to attract Miracles and abundance in our lives. It is a universal phenomenon that comes naturally to human beings irrespective of age, nationality, gender, or social status.

When we are children we have simplistic desires. But as we grow older, our focus shifts according to circumstances. But we all want good things to “appear” in our lives.

From Santa Claus to appear one fine day, to good health, to running a successful organisation, to winning a lottery, are all examples of common desires for which we want to Attract Miracles at various stages of our lives.

Miracles do happen all the time.

The fact is that there are many profound miracles unfolding around us all the time; but we do not notice and take them for granted. 

The birth of a child, perfection in nature, the chemistry between the father and the child, the flowers and the birds and bees, the metamorphosis from a larvae to a pupa to a butterfly are some such examples that are nothing short of miracles.

But here when we talk about ways to attract Miracles I will confine to those connected to our manifestations coming true.

How can we Attract Miracles?

There are many ways to attract Miracles. Some of them have been touched upon in this article on Reiki Manifestation.

If you are looking for the simplest (yet maybe toughest) way to manifestation to attract Miracles the answer is – by bringing purity in life. It is easier said than done. We all know it, but not many practice it.

How do we Attract Miracles by living in Purity?

Purity of thought and purity of action attracts the forces of abundance that fill up your life with all things that you’ve always dreamt of.

Attaining purity is the most important first step in any In Yoga the first step to any excise involving connection with the divine. It involves purity in your mind, body, spirit, desires and deeds.

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