Attitude of Gratitude (AOG)

What is AOG?

AOG is a short form of Attitude of Gratitude which we say before starting the 24 points healing. You would have been taught at level one, though maybe different words.

How do we express the Attitude of Gratitude (AOG)

In my classes the Attitude of Gratitude (AOG) is something we say like this –

I Thank you, O Positive Reiki Healing Energy all around me
I thank you,  Dr. Mikao Usui for bringing the awareness about Reiki
I thank you, My Guru ( his/her name) for teaching me the procedure for Reiki
I thank you,Dr. Prakash for the attunement of the Divine Midas Star (when you do Midas Star practice)
I thank you, My father, Mother, Ancestors, for what I am today.
I thank you, God, Goddesses, Holy souls and divine angels
I thank you, my spiritual guides and masters

(Attitude of Gratitude (AOG) is followed by a prayer like the one below)

Prayer after Attitude of Gratitude (AOG)

Please be with me during this procedure of …..(Reiki)… Which I am doing for … (myself/name or relationship of person whom you do it for)…
Please be with me, help me, guide me in this so that I can bring …. (good health/removal of blockage/heal eg arthritis… Etc etc whatever the issue is)
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Hope it is clear. 

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