Understanding Cho Ku Rei


Understanding Cho Ku Rei  is very important for Reiki practitioners. It is one of the most important symbols in Reiki because it is like a switch that opens the flow of energy.

Cho Ku Rei boosts the energy that is channeled and is associated with protection, empowerment and a focused flow of energy.

There are many ways to use this symbol while carrying out Reiki treatments as well as initiations. Reiki practitioners start and end their sessions with this symbol as it enhances the energy flow and takes the entire proceedings to a new level.

However, there are quite a few contrary views about how to use it.  Some practitioners (even those who have done their third level) often raise these two most common doubts, so I thought I put it down here so that everyone who wishes to seek similar clarifications benefits from it.

Understanding Cho Ku Rei

What if I don’t use Cho Ku Rei or any other symbol? Will it affect my practice?Well, the answer is simple.  While Cho Ku Rei and symbols enhance the power of Reiki and helps it flow in a more focused manners, not using it will in NO WAY be a hindrance.

After all, these symbols are taught only in the second level and you would see many a miraculous results even in the level 1 treatment.  It all boils down to the sincerity of effort. Symbols are just the keys to open the doors but what if the doors are already open!

Understanding Cho Ku Rei and using it along with other symbols gives a boost to the entire process of healing by making you focused. I have seen many practitioners are able to focus very well even in the first level and get better results than those who do not practice regularly despite being attuned to higher levels.

What if I draw the Cho Ku Rei symbol clockwise instead of anticlockwise?

There is a lot of confusion regarding this. Understanding Cho Ku Rei becomes all the more important because every Reiki master teaches his own way and their linage often continues in that manner.

The traditional Usui Reiki method teaches Cho Ku Rei as drawn anticlockwise but there is no harm if you use it clockwise.

Some of them even teach it in both ways saying one is to draw out energy and the other is to fill in.

While they may be right in their own manner, I personally feel that it is best to do it the way you have been taught by our own Reiki teacher.

This is because everyone has different experiences while practicing Reiki AND most importantly, it is the way your initiation has been carried out that makes all the difference.

Therefore, do not get confused by various texts and advices. Just remember-

  • The manner in which you were initiated by your Reiki teacher is the right way (for you).
  • These rituals have no meaning; what finally makes the entire difference is the SINCERITY & INTENT.


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