Testimonials area great way to show your gratitude for something you have received free of cost. It is very beneficial because it helps others in choosing the right kind of guidance from people who do not wish to share the knowledge and experience for betterment of everyone.
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Testimonial isa very important part of your connection with me; and is in lieu of any monitory contributions since they help of the success of spreading this noble cause of Reiki and alternate healing methods. It helps connect in your divine relationship-building journey, and helps my efforts gain credibility.

Your testimonial will also connect me with you lifelong. Its a bond thats going to build up as we practice together, spreading this divine knowledge for the betterment of the world. It would also enable to link up with others in this field thus forming groups that are committed to the same crusade as mine, ie spreading something that is free and available to all. It would certainly make this world a better place.

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