Simple Meditation Techniques

Simple Meditation Techniques


Simple Meditation Techniques

Simple Meditation Techniques are ideal for those who wish to learn meditation but refrain from this because they think are busy, may not be able to find time, or that it involves some difficult procedures like sitting still, or the need to “quieting” their mind long enough.

Most of this is however very untrue and generally such facts are propagated by people with vested interests who want to “teach” and earn hefty payments.

In truth, all you need is just a few minutes of your time and you can do it lying down if you feel more comfortable that way. Keeping your mind still is NOT the aim, it is helping your mind to become calm.

Trying to meditate for just 10 minutes can bring about positive changes in your life.

Here are some simple yet effective techniques that can be done by anyone and soon you would start wondering why you did not try for so long!

And please remember just ONE thing – there is no wrong way to meditate. Everything you do will only enhance your capability.

Position for Simple Meditation Techniques

You can do it sitting straight which is preferable but the aim is NOT the position. The aim is what makes you comfortable so that you can prolong the procedure without difficulty. Therefore you can also do it lying down.
And it is perfectly all right if you fall asleep mid way!

Some simple Simple Meditation Techniques

1.        Guided meditations – You can get many resources online if you do not know anything about this. You may also contact me for FREE services.


2.        Candle Staring – Just light a candle and observe the flame as it flickers. Keep staring at it as long as you can. If your mind diverts, simply bring it back to the candle. Do not feel guilty about diversion; it is natural as the mind tends to release thoughts while still.

3.        Mantra – If you have been given a mantra by a guru or have a family mantra, simply close your eyes and repeat it for a few minutes. Do not count. That is not required as it in itself is a distraction! Repeating the mantra over and over brings in subtle vibrations that help in finding calmness.

Mantras have meanings in its sounds but you don’t have to go into that. Keep it simple, you will feel good.

4.        Visualization – This needs some guidance and is very very powerful way of achieving positivity and good results in all spheres of life. Again, like guided meditations, you can get many resources online and for free guidance, you may contact me here.

Please Note: There is no hidden agenda. I will never contact you later or offer you anything at “discounted rates”. All my on line services are absolutely free.

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