Reiki Symbol Midas for Prosperity

Reiki Symbol Midas treeThe Reiki Symbol Midas star is meant for improvement in prosperity which includes not just money but also success in every sphere of our lives; be it bringing, getting  harmony, success in business or improvement in  personal relations. It helps achieve whatever be the goal we have.

Reiki Symbol Midas StarThe star sign symbolizes that with adequate means like money or a good income, we can facilitate  the community and make our environment a better place. The red line shown under the star, symbolizes the grounding of pure energy that helps achieve prosperity.

Reiki Symbol Midas enhances the flow of Reiki- the Life Force Energy.

(Note: you need to be attuned for this symbol in level 2 but preferably during level 3. Your Reiki master can do it remotely too later on, in case he/she did not do it at during main attunement procedure – most do not do it and this is done by asking specifically).

How to Use Reiki Symbol Midas

  • For prosperity you have to use the symbol called MIDAS. This is given on top.
  • Please practice it a few times first. Each time you are drawing keep saying Midas, Midas, and Midas three times per drawing (do minimum 7 drawings)
  • Ask your Reiki teacher to attune you. You can also send me your request along with a picture at my contact page. My service is free.
  • I will be sending remote attunement for this on the same night that I receive your request. Before sleeping, please affirm (by saying to yourself that ‘I AM NOW GOING TO RECEIVE attunement from Dr Prakash for the divine symbol MIDAS)…then sleep.
  • Next morning, take a plain sheet of paper and draw power symbol on four sides and MIDAS in the centre. Write affirmation below it like – For bringing more prosperity and goodwill in business of (write company name) – or write what you want about service, job, relationship etc.
  • Fold this paper and keep it in the centre, in a large plate or Reiki box.
  • Below this folded paper put a currency note (not folded- but straight).
  • In this plate also put any item that symbolizes your business/job, like business card or anything like a piece of pearl, etc to represent your business. You may put four such items (or just a picture or a card)
  • Then do your normal self Reiki practice and after doing self Reiki, give Reiki to this Reiki box and visualize your business premises and send MIDAS to this Reiki box. Visualize & draw the symbol MIDAS. Give Midas seven times repeating MIDAS, MIDAS, MIDAS thrice each time you draw it. Also visualize the currency notes increasing and the items of your business also increasing.
  • Seal the box with power symbol for protection.
  • Keep it in your prayer room or any clean place.
  • Repeat for seven days.
  • Write to me in case you have any doubt in this.

Go ahead; make positive changes in your life and prosper using the Reiki for abundance.

For Free Attunement to MIDAS and any clarifications on its use WRITE TO ME HERE
God Bless

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