About Reiki Healing

Hello, I am Dr Prakash Ramchandani, a Reiki Grand master and holistic healer based at Pune, India. 

I teach all leReiki Healing Centrevels of Reiki  and carry out Reiki Healing for all type of physical, emotional and relationship issues.

I also carry out Reiki Training as well as Attunements.

It is my belief that Reiki Healing is meant to be easy for all to learn,  practice and benefit. Keeping this in view, my Reiki courses are highly subsidized to make them easy to pursue. By God’s grace, I am gainfully employed (another positive effect of my doing Reiki) and the exchange is only a token amount for my time and effort.

For those who cannot afford even the subsidized cost, REIKI SERVICES ARE FREE FOR THE NEEDY. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS.

THREE 20 minute sessions of distance Reiki Healing twice a day for three days are FREE for ALL. You can request these sessions  HERE.

Reiki and other form of energy healing does not require any previous knowledge or skill. Anyone who has the desire can easily learn. The healings at Astro Reiki Centre are done as a social service and are free. All you have to do is to spare some time.
Reiki is independent of any religion and can be practiced in your own time.

Reiki Healing Success Stories

There have been many miraculous Reiki Healing cases.

When combined with Meditation and other holistic methods like crystal therapy, naturopathy as well as accupresure, Reiki Healing can start showing results from day one. Many cases of chronic ailments have been healed. Please go through the testimonial page to see the type of life changing experiences so many people have had.

Consultation is FREE, so please do not hesitate in contacting me about anything you wish to know please  CONTACT HERE .

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