From Ideas to Success- Its ALL about Intuition

From Ideas to Success- Its ALL about Intuition

all about IntuitionSuccess in any venture is all about intuition.

How do you think there are so many success stories about not so traditionally educated people becoming billionaires?

How, when two or more people have the same idea, but only one succeeds?

What sets them apart where success is concerned?

From Ideas to Success- Its ALL about Intuition

The success story in business or any other venture starts not just from a degree in MBA, but trusting your gut feeling.

If you really want to succeed, listen to those voices of intuition and act upon it.

This is not as easy as it sounds.

Intuitive ideas come all the time but most of us are not able to separate them from other thoughts.

Grasping the voice of intuition was natural for the learned gurus and wise men in the past who were devoted to meditation as they could clear the clutter naturally.

However, in the present day fast moving society, the natural flow of intuitive voice gets lost in the noise as we chase our dreams based on the knowledge imparted by the others.

However, with practice, it is possible to tap into intuition.

Truly successful ventures come from trusting your gut, listening to the intuition and your ability to derive from the collective consciousness.

In order to learn to harness this immense resource the first thing you need to know is that intuition will come only when you do something with passion.Immerse your heart into it.

Learning to Trust IntuitionALL about Intuition

Go into a meditative trance and ask yourself these three questions:

  • Do I like what I am about to start?
  • Am I having fun?

If your answer is yes to both, only then ask yourself this

  • What should I do now?

Then wait for the answer to come.

It may not be immediate; it may also not even be on the same day!

But leave it there and get on with your day to day activities.

Carry on this way; and you will get the voice of intuition; quite often, at the time you least expect!

A regular training to the entire procedure will ensure that intuition starts flowing easily after few days.

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