Basics of Hara Breathing Technique

Basics of Hara BreathingTechnique

If you are feeling tired and fatigued Or are suffering from CFIDS (Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome) then learning Hara Breathing Technique is your answer.
Maybe you are ignoring the way you are breathing.
Hara Breathing TechniqueThe correct way of breathing is essential for the purification and energizing the “Prana” -the celestial battery of our lives.
Breathing is one of our body’s functions that goes on all the time, yet most of us take it for granted paying scant attention to it – with the result that most of us do not breathe correctly.
We tend to breathe from our chests instead of breathing from our belly. While this does the basic function of sustaining us, it is not the best thing as it results in an imperfect flow of life source energy.
Improper breathing can also lead to blockages in our body, which in turn give rise to diseases.

What is Hara Breathing Technique? Why is it so essential?

Hara breathing is a technique that ensures maximum health benefits with each breath that we take.It helps us in strengthening the Jing (Essence) thus improving the energy levels of our system.
It is associated with the massaging the acupressure point CV6 (also called the Sea of Energy)
Hara breathing Technique can bring about a miraculous improvement in the energy streams in our body.

Advantages of Hara BreathingTechnique

It is ideal for those who feel tired and fatigued all the time.
It improves the circulation in all cells of our body and gives a boost to our energy level.
It can literally prove to be the magical pill or a “one cure for all” therapy that is a free gift from the universe.
It is the backbone of all forms of alternative therapies.

The importance of Learning Hara BreathingTechnique

Hara Breathing TechniqueContrary to what you may think, it is fairly uncomplicated and easy to learn.Adapting a correct way of breathing is very important and can cure any disease, including cancer!
However, sadly, not many reiki masters lay emphasis on the importance of Hara breathing in the daily practice of Reiki.
Most do not even mention it during their training sessions.
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