Why Dont Intentions Manifest?

Why Don’t Intentions Manifest

When we first you hear about manifestation it seems like the magic wand that would solve all our problems.

And yet, when we get down to it we find it is not as easy as it’s made to appear.

Why does that happen?

Why Don’t Intentions Manifest?

Why is there such a low success rate despite the fact that there are so many online resources?

Just think!

If this was so easy, why would there be so much search for happiness?

Contrary to what it is made out to be, manifestation is neither easy nor can it be done by self-help mode. You need guidance in real time. The CDs, the recorded voice, the literature – nothing would help you become rich overnight; the only person who becomes rich is the person selling it to you!

It is important to manifestation under real-time guidance. You definitely need it; at least in the initial stages.

By using self-help techniques, you may hold an intention for creating something new such as a new relationship, a career change, better health, etc but you may see no results at all!

Do not worry about Why Don’t Intentions Manifest. Under expert guidance, you would see your intentions take shape almost miraculously.

On-line guidance in real time

This would help you in achieving the desired results in a better manner as it would ensure the following-

1. Help you to hold your intention.
2. Put your energy behind your intention to its fullest.
3. Help you stay focused.
4. Identify and remove your conflicting briefs.
5. Substitute positive intent
6. Help in manifestation.

There are no guarantees of overnight miracles (which may well happen!) except that I will try most sincerely and would be with you throughout the procedures and thereafter.

In any case, you still would have gone through a wonderful experience for FREE!!

So stop wondering Why Don’t Intentions Manifest.

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