The Chakra System of Healing

The chakra system in our aura body has a great role to play in Reiki Healing Methodology of our physical existence.

Each Chakra supposedly has a different function, and covers a different aspect. Yet at the same time, they are all interlinked !

However, many practitioners commit mistake when they focus on any one Chakra, which they feel is associated with a particular symptom.

Do you recall the realm of each Chakra?

Chances are that you don’t remember ALL the functions on their entirely.

Youdon’t have to.

Why not have a key that would help you grasp the essence of what each Chakra does so that you can use the same while adapting chakra system of healing.


Here is a quick overview that will help you in applying Reiki chakra system of healing. It would give you a key specific to particular symptoms and points on the body :

Root Chakra: Relates to “safety and security”.
Sacral Chakra: Helps you to handle emotions, and also relates to sexuality.

Solar Plexus Chakra: fucuses inwards and thus relates to issues connected with ego, determination and willpower.

Heart Chakra: It’s all about Love, compassion and understanding of others.

Throat Chakra: Expression related. Also anything related to purity of anything taken in (breath, food, water, etc – leading to ailments)

Third Eye Chakra: Foresight and Intuition.

Naval Chakra or the sacral chakra – Deals with creativity, sensitivity, sexuality and pleasure.

Crown Chakra: Higher self and connection with guru, the divine as well as spiritual guides.

The First principles of Chakra System of Healing –

1. The chakra system of healing involves balancing involves a complete session of 24 point reiki meditation.

2. Follow it up with 3 minutes on Third Eye Chakra to bring harmony for the next step.

3. Finish with specific chakra after this eye, as per the ailment. Let your intuition guide you thru the process. Eg. If you have issues about divisiveness and self confidence, focus on the solar plexus chakra. If you feel lacking sexual energy or similar issues, them focus on Swadhisthana or naval chakra, and so on.

Last Step – Connecting with the desired results.

In chakra system of healing, it is very important to visualise the

Hold on to this image before closing the session as you slowly become aware of the present moment. Thereafter, take a few deep breaths, shake your toes and fingers open your eyes.

Feel the difference in yourself.

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