Manifestation of Desires

The Truth About Manifestation of Desires

Most of us are seduced by the thought of Manifestation of Desires like good health, relationships, jobs, wealth, etc. The concepts are generally propagated by way of the theory surrounding the Laws of Attraction. However, the way it is projected has many inaccuracies and hidden dangers. The visualization techniques when used in unskilled manner turn […]

Midas Star Atunement

Free Midas Star Atunement

Midas Star Atunement Midas Star is not ordinarily taught by Reiki masters. This is because it did not originate with traditional Reiki symbols visualized by Mikao Usui. It is a symbol which has developed with the evolution of Reiki. Like all other symbols, this too is simply a key to channelize intent. Also, like the […]

Breakup Survival Kit

Breakup Survival Kit

This Breakup Survival Kit is designed to give you direction in these difficult times when you’ve lately been through a break up. The break up might have been your idea but since you are reading this, chances are that it was your partner’s. There is bound to be pain as you watch the hopes and […]

how to achieve manifestation of desires

Manifesting Desires Quickly

 The Big Secret of Manifesting Desires Quickly Many people confuse manifestation with the right kind of thought process. In actual fact, reality is created not by the way we think but by the way we “feel”.  Understanding this crucial difference helps in achievement of manifestations. Everything in this universe has a vibration frequency and tends to attract anything that […]

Spiritual Guides Connection

Spiritual Guides Connection

Why do you want Spiritual Guides Connection? And the general answer is – to get guidance for some problem or the other; and therein lies the solution to the question of why we are unable to connect! The biggest and the most important reason that we cannot connect to our spiritual guides is that we […]

It’s Never Been Like This

​​I’ve met many others before,Yet,  I’ve never felt like this,The way my senses inhale youMy body quivers,with an exceptional bliss, How I wish my senses get frozenFrom my intensity of sweet desire,I need you with me alwaysTo hold you, feel you in my arms,Till we are finally consumed by fire.