ALL about Intuition

From Ideas to Success- Its ALL about Intuition

From Ideas to Success- Its ALL about Intuition Success in any venture is all about intuition. How do you think there are so many success stories about not so traditionally educated people becoming billionaires? How, when two or more people have the same idea, but only one succeeds? What sets them apart where success is […]

Manifestation of Desires

The Truth About Manifestation of Desires

Most of us are seduced by the thought of Manifestation of Desires like good health, relationships, jobs, wealth, etc. The concepts are generally propagated by way of the theory surrounding the Laws of Attraction. However, the way it is projected has many inaccuracies and hidden dangers. The visualization techniques when used in unskilled manner turn […]

finding happiness

The Truth about Finding Happiness

Finding Happiness Finding Happiness is elusive to most of us. When you look around yourselves to see how many people appear to be truly happy, you would be amazed to note there are so few of them. I was driving along the road and looked around to observe faces of people around me, and was […]

How to Achieve Abundance Easily

How to Achieve Abundance Easily

There are many who wish to know the secret of how to achieve abundance easily. The secret is actually quite simple- live with gratitude and happiness The world is full of people who, quite unknowingly live their lives focusing on what they do not have instead of looking at what they have. Their mind is […]

Theta Healing meditation


THETA HEALING MEDITATION FOR BETTER LIFE Theta Healing Meditation involves physical, emotional, mental and spiritual fields of our aura. It results inimprovementofour health by changing our energy fields. The speed at which it healsis most amazingas it createschanges not only on the genetic level but also at thesoul level. It clears limiting and negative beliefs […]

move ahead from past

Move Ahead From Past Relationships

Every one of us would have come across situations in which we want to move ahead from past relationships. However, while some of us can do so with ease, many find it extremely difficult. Why is Letting go Difficult? Reluctance to letting go the past relationship is a sign of inability to face the truth. This […]

Contacting Divine Self

Contacting Divine Self

After reading my thoughts in yesterday’s article some of you have asked me Contacting Divine Self. Unknown to many, our divine self is forever trying to reach us! Therefore, once you consciously try to make contact with it you will definitely get all its gifts in form of guidance and assistance in every sphere of […]

Experiencing Divine Self

Experiencing divine self is not at all elusive. Our divine self is a beacon that shows us a joyous and better way to live. Reiki as well as various other techniques of meditation make us realize that we are manifestations of energy at a very higher level. We are physical beings surrounded by various energy levels. These subtle energies […]