Crystal Grids for Strengthening Family Bonds

Crystal Grids for Strengthening Family Bonds

Crystal Grids for Strengthening Family Bonds Crystal grids for strengthening family bonds are an important tool as relationship between many couples take a toll because of a fast paced lifestyle. Since everyone is involved in their own activities and jobs there is a certain lack of communication between family members who do not spend much […]

Prosperity Crystal Grid

Simple Prosperity Crystal Grid

  Prosperity Crystal Grid for attracting abundance and money How to send abundance and distance money Reiki to those far away by using crystal grids? Although Reiki grids can be of many complex forms, it makes more sense is in making a simple grid that everyone can understand and which does not cost too much. […]

Why Don’t Crystals Work

Why Don’t Crystals Work Sometimes?

I have come across many people who were “lured” into buying crystals by their teachers and then after a few days or trial and error came and ask why don’t crystals work. Obviously they have been given one sided information about the magical healing properties of crystals. They subsequently find out that the crystals not […]

chakra stones

Finding Love with Crystals Therapy

Finding love with crystals therapy is all about using the natural vibrations of the various naturally occurring gemstones. This is because various crystals and precious stones resonate with the frequencies of our Chakras and bringing about the desired results. Crystals and precious stones create subtle vibrations which overcome the energy barriers and get easily absorbed by […]

Healing Relationships Using Crystals

Manifesting Love and Healing Relationships Using Crystals

Importance of Manifesting Love and Healing Relationships Using Crystals Healing and Self-Love go hand in hand. Therefore if you are looking for Manifesting Love and Healing Relationships using Crystals or overcoming the negative effects of misunderstandings and breakups, it is important to focus on building up self love quotient in our minds. Reiki has amazing powers and helps […]

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Making Crystals Work 

When you do crystal healing, remember that you have to focus on Making Crystals work “with” you, and not “for” you. I have come across many people who were “lured” into buying crystals by their teachers; who quite often give them one sided information about their magical healing properties. They subsequently find out that the […]

​DifferenceS BETWEEN  Healing Crystals and Gemstones

​Crystals have been used extensively by energy healers all over the world since ancient times.   Many a Reiki practitioners use crystals for Reiki healing and for balancing the energy to speed up the healing process. Crystal grids are a very important part of Reiki healing techniques and can bring about many positive results.  At the same […]

​YOUR Lucky gemstones based on sun-signs

Rashi/Sunsign             Lucky Gemstone          Ruling Planet Aries/Mesha                 Red Coral                     Mars/MangalTaurus/Vrishbha          Diamond                       Venus/ShukraGemini/Mithuna   […]


A grid is a special design or grouping of stones. In Reiki healings, these stones (crystals) are charged and arranged in a particular design for specific situations and purposes. When empowered with a sacred intention, each stone amplifies the energy of other stones and together they can lead to achievement of intent in a very […]

Finding True Love

During the course of my reiki healing sessions I often come across couples who had been in love for years before getting married – only to fall out within a period of few months.This is surprising; after all, didn’t they believe that their love was true and everlasting? So what happened? This is a dilemma we often […]