Life Path in Numerology

Life Path combinations in Numerology

Numerology is based not just on numbers. Its true representation is based upon the inter-connecting patterns and cycles that are reflected in the numbers. Life Path combinations represents such cycles. The longest cycle runs from birth to death, and hence is reflected by the numbers arrived at by the date of birth. This cycle however […]

Life Path in Numerology

Life Path in Numerology

When used correctly, Numerology can be highly accurate in its ability to predict the future events and trends. Calculation of Life Path in Numerology is very important and anyone with he basic understanding of mathematics can do it. The foundation of Your Life Path is based upon the age-old universal wisdom.  People can intuitively understand […]


Understanding Astrology

Most of us are capable of understanding astrology and are familiar at least with our Sun sign; which is the most commonly known aspect of astrology.  Sun signs are made all the more popular by the daily, weekly and the yearly horoscopes that often form a fixed regular column in daily newspapers, magazines as well as websites. However, […]

​YOUR Lucky gemstones based on sun-signs

Rashi/Sunsign             Lucky Gemstone          Ruling Planet Aries/Mesha                 Red Coral                     Mars/MangalTaurus/Vrishbha          Diamond                       Venus/ShukraGemini/Mithuna   […]

Finding True Love

During the course of my reiki healing sessions I often come across couples who had been in love for years before getting married – only to fall out within a period of few months.This is surprising; after all, didn’t they believe that their love was true and everlasting? So what happened? This is a dilemma we often […]