Midas Star Atunement

Free Midas Star Atunement

Midas Star Atunement Midas Star is not ordinarily taught by Reiki masters. This is because it did not originate with traditional Reiki symbols visualized by Mikao Usui. It is a symbol which has developed with the evolution of Reiki. Like all other symbols, this too is simply a key to channelize intent. Also, like the […]

Why Reiki Stopped Working

Why Reiki Stopped Working?

Many Reiki Practitioners often ask me why Reiki Stopped Working for them. They encounter a phase when suddenly, for no apparent reason they feel that the flow of Reiki has stopped and they see no results. This leads to getting disheartened and they often stop practicing Reiki. Nothing can be more disheartening than this. I […]

finding happiness

The Truth about Finding Happiness

Finding Happiness Finding Happiness is elusive to most of us. When you look around yourselves to see how many people appear to be truly happy, you would be amazed to note there are so few of them. I was driving along the road and looked around to observe faces of people around me, and was […]

How to Achieve Abundance Easily

How to Achieve Abundance Easily

There are many who wish to know the secret of how to achieve abundance easily. The secret is actually quite simple- live with gratitude and happiness The world is full of people who, quite unknowingly live their lives focusing on what they do not have instead of looking at what they have. Their mind is […]

Prosperity Crystal Grid

Simple Prosperity Crystal Grid

  Prosperity Crystal Grid for attracting abundance and money How to send abundance and distance money Reiki to those far away by using crystal grids? Although Reiki grids can be of many complex forms, it makes more sense is in making a simple grid that everyone can understand and which does not cost too much. […]

Theta Healing meditation


THETA HEALING MEDITATION FOR BETTER LIFE Theta Healing Meditation involves physical, emotional, mental and spiritual fields of our aura. It results inimprovementofour health by changing our energy fields. The speed at which it healsis most amazingas it createschanges not only on the genetic level but also at thesoul level. It clears limiting and negative beliefs […]

Using Reiki for love

Using Reiki for love

Using Reiki for love and achievement of goal is one of the most important reasons that people want to know details of learning Reiki. While it is true that we can use Reiki for attaining all our objectives related to love and achievement of goals, it is not true that it can be done in […]

Midas Symbol Attunement

Midas Symbol Attunement

Midas Symbol Attunement Midas Symbol Attunement is generally not given by most Reiki Masters in the traditional practice of Usui Reiki. However, after learning the various traditional symbols of Usui Reiki, it is but natural to explore the lesser known and lesser taught symbols associated with it. Midas is the symbol which can bring unlimited […]

Reiki Symbol Midas Star

Reiki Symbol Midas for Prosperity

The Reiki Symbol Midas star is meant for improvement in prosperity which includes not just money but also success in every sphere of our lives; be it bringing, getting ¬†harmony, success in business or improvement in ¬†personal relations. It helps achieve whatever be the goal we have. The star sign symbolizes that with adequate means […]

Distance Reiki Healing

Distance Reiki Healing Dilemma

Almost all the Reiki practitioner’s would have gone through what is called as the Distance Reiki Healing dilemma. The main reasons for this are two – the trust in Reiki teachers and how the process itself is conducted. Lately, I was asked by one of the students whether Reiki can actually heal; since one of […]