Mastering Happy Life by Laughing more Often

Mastering Happy Life by laughing more often is all about learning to see the funny side of lifes situations. When you look around, you would be amazed to notice that there are not too people laughing heartily, or even smiling. Laughing and smiling, and being happy is something that should come naturally to us but […]

The Chakra System of Healing

The chakra system in our aura body has a great role to play in Reiki Healing Methodology of our physical existence. Each Chakra supposedly has a different function, and covers a different aspect. Yet at the same time, they are all interlinked ! However, many practitioners commit mistake when they focus on any one Chakra, […]

feel the flow of Reiki Energy

Why do I not feel the flow of Reiki Energy?

On many occasions, I come across Reiki practitioners who complain that they do not feel the flow of Reiki Energy despite trying everything. This is quite a common thing that happened to new practitioners. At times it also happens at later stages – many of those who have been practicing level 2 or 3 also […]

Hara Breathing Technique

Basics of Hara Breathing Technique

Basics of Hara BreathingTechnique If you are feeling tired and fatigued Or are suffering from CFIDS (Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome) then learning Hara Breathing Technique is your answer. Maybe you are ignoring the way you are breathing. The correct way of breathing is essential for the purification and energizing the “Prana” -the celestial battery […]

Past Life Regression-Unfolding your True Potential

PLRH or Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy has a major role to play in finding out the blocks hindering your development. It helps the therapist to gain knowledge inferred from within the layers of memories connected with your past lives. The process involves putting you in a state of deep relaxation that unfolds the restraining thoughts. […]

Why Don't Intentions Manifest

Why Dont Intentions Manifest?

Why Don’t Intentions Manifest When we first you hear about manifestation it seems like the magic wand that would solve all our problems. And yet, when we get down to it we find it is not as easy as it’s made to appear. Why does that happen? Why Don’t Intentions Manifest? Why is there such […]

The Divine Vibration of Vedic Chants

The Divine Vibration of Vedic Chants Sanskrit is an ancient language withits origin in the Ancient Vedas. Presumably, it evolved from the knowledge of the cosmic vibrations and its effects on human life. The Sanskrit alphabet is composed of sounds which match the source vibration of our body. Its basic alphabet corresponds to parts of […]

ALL about Intuition

From Ideas to Success- Its ALL about Intuition

From Ideas to Success- Its ALL about Intuition Success in any venture is all about intuition. How do you think there are so many success stories about not so traditionally educated people becoming billionaires? How, when two or more people have the same idea, but only one succeeds? What sets them apart where success is […]


How to Build Your Moments of Happiness

  How to Build Your Moments of Happiness   To live a fulfilling and more enjoyable life you must learn how to build your moments of happiness. It is all a question of seizing the smallest of the fleeting opportunities. In fact, while sailing through the journey of life, most of us do not even […]

Manifestation of Desires

The Truth About Manifestation of Desires

Most of us are seduced by the thought of Manifestation of Desires like good health, relationships, jobs, wealth, etc. The concepts are generally propagated by way of the theory surrounding the Laws of Attraction. However, the way it is projected has many inaccuracies and hidden dangers. The visualization techniques when used in unskilled manner turn […]