Hara Breathing Technique

Basics of Hara Breathing Technique

Basics of Hara BreathingTechnique If you are feeling tired and fatigued Or are suffering from CFIDS (Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome) then learning Hara Breathing Technique is your answer. Maybe you are ignoring the way you are breathing. The correct way of breathing is essential for the purification and energizing the “Prana” -the celestial battery […]

Past Life Regression-Unfolding your True Potential

PLRH or Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy has a major role to play in finding out the blocks hindering your development. It helps the therapist to gain knowledge inferred from within the layers of memories connected with your past lives. The process involves putting you in a state of deep relaxation that unfolds the restraining thoughts. […]