Why Reiki Stopped Working

Why Reiki Stopped Working?

Many Reiki Practitioners often ask me why Reiki Stopped Working for them. They encounter a phase when suddenly, for no apparent reason they feel that the flow of Reiki has stopped and they see no results. This leads to getting disheartened and they often stop practicing Reiki. Nothing can be more disheartening than this. I […]

finding happiness

The Truth about Finding Happiness

Finding Happiness Finding Happiness is elusive to most of us. When you look around yourselves to see how many people appear to be truly happy, you would be amazed to note there are so few of them. I was driving along the road and looked around to observe faces of people around me, and was […]

How to Achieve Abundance Easily

How to Achieve Abundance Easily

There are many who wish to know the secret of how to achieve abundance easily. The secret is actually quite simple- live with gratitude and happiness The world is full of people who, quite unknowingly live their lives focusing on what they do not have instead of looking at what they have. Their mind is […]