Prosperity Crystal Grid

Simple Prosperity Crystal Grid

  Prosperity Crystal Grid for attracting abundance and money How to send abundance and distance money Reiki to those far away by using crystal grids? Although Reiki grids can be of many complex forms, it makes more sense is in making a simple grid that everyone can understand and which does not cost too much. […]

Theta Healing meditation


THETA HEALING MEDITATION FOR BETTER LIFE Theta Healing Meditation involves physical, emotional, mental and spiritual fields of our aura. It results inimprovementofour health by changing our energy fields. The speed at which it healsis most amazingas it createschanges not only on the genetic level but also at thesoul level. It clears limiting and negative beliefs […]

Using Reiki for love

Using Reiki for love

Using Reiki for love and achievement of goal is one of the most important reasons that people want to know details of learning Reiki. While it is true that we can use Reiki for attaining all our objectives related to love and achievement of goals, it is not true that it can be done in […]