Midas Symbol Attunement

Midas Symbol Attunement

Midas Symbol Attunement Midas Symbol Attunement is generally not given by most Reiki Masters in the traditional practice of Usui Reiki. However, after learning the various traditional symbols of Usui Reiki, it is but natural to explore the lesser known and lesser taught symbols associated with it. Midas is the symbol which can bring unlimited […]

Reiki Symbol Midas Star

Reiki Symbol Midas for Prosperity

The Reiki Symbol Midas star is meant for improvement in prosperity which includes not just money but also success in every sphere of our lives; be it bringing, getting ¬†harmony, success in business or improvement in ¬†personal relations. It helps achieve whatever be the goal we have. The star sign symbolizes that with adequate means […]

Distance Reiki Healing

Distance Reiki Healing Dilemma

Almost all the Reiki practitioner’s would have gone through what is called as the Distance Reiki Healing dilemma. The main reasons for this are two – the trust in Reiki teachers and how the process itself is conducted. Lately, I was asked by one of the students whether Reiki can actually heal; since one of […]