move ahead from past

Move Ahead From Past Relationships

Every one of us would have come across situations in which we want to move ahead from past relationships. However, while some of us can do so with ease, many find it extremely difficult. Why is Letting go Difficult? Reluctance to letting go the past relationship is a sign of inability to face the truth. This […]

Deep Breathing for Self-Hypnosis

Deep Breathing for Self-Hypnosis is a proven method for achieving complete relaxation and is also the best way to start a self-hypnosis session. Our normal breathing is generally shallow and therefore it is also rapid and confined to slight expansion and contracting the chest. Deep Breathing for Self-Hypnosis If you count your breath you will […]

Why Don’t Crystals Work

Why Don’t Crystals Work Sometimes?

I have come across many people who were “lured” into buying crystals by their teachers and then after a few days or trial and error came and ask why don’t crystals work. Obviously they have been given one sided information about the magical healing properties of crystals. They subsequently find out that the crystals not […]

reiki healing session

About Reiki Healing

Hello, I am Dr Prakash Ramchandani, a Reiki Grand master and holistic healer based at Pune, India.  I teach all levels of Reiki  and carry out Reiki Healing for all type of physical, emotional and relationship issues. I also carry out Reiki Training as well as Attunements. It is my belief that Reiki Healing is meant to […]

Self Hypnosis for Sleeplessness

Self Hypnosis for Sleeplessness

Self Hypnosis for Sleeplessness is ideal when you find that although you are tired and are lying down, sleep is miles away. It is quite natural that sometimes the stress of our daily life makes it difficult to fall asleep. Self Hypnosis also works wonders even in chronic cases of insomnia. It is definitely much […]

Breakup Survival Kit

Breakup Survival Kit

This Breakup Survival Kit is designed to give you direction in these difficult times when you’ve lately been through a break up. The break up might have been your idea but since you are reading this, chances are that it was your partner’s. There is bound to be pain as you watch the hopes and […]

Distance Reiki healing sessions

Distance Reiki Healing Sessions

Distance Reiki healing sessions and online healing, counseling and training is meant for those who need genuine guidance and understanding of Reiki healing and are unable to find some suitable Reiki master nearby. These live training as well as counseling sessions are conducted by Skype or Phone. Remote healing sessions can however be done by simply affirming and […]

Coping With Hyperactive Kids

  Coping with hyperactive kids is a big issue that comes up these days of increasing competitiveness and greater expectations from our children. Unlike most parents and school teachers who classify some children as hyperactive kids, these children are actually not hyperactive but what I would call “over energetic”. Hence, it is not even an […]

chakra stones

Finding Love with Crystals Therapy

Finding love with crystals therapy is all about using the natural vibrations of the various naturally occurring gemstones. This is because various crystals and precious stones resonate with the frequencies of our Chakras and bringing about the desired results. Crystals and precious stones create subtle vibrations which overcome the energy barriers and get easily absorbed by […]

Healing Relationships Using Crystals

Manifesting Love and Healing Relationships Using Crystals

Importance of Manifesting Love and Healing Relationships Using Crystals Healing and Self-Love go hand in hand. Therefore if you are looking for Manifesting Love and Healing Relationships using Crystals or overcoming the negative effects of misunderstandings and breakups, it is important to focus on building up self love quotient in our minds. Reiki has amazing powers and helps […]