how to achieve manifestation of desires

Manifesting Desires Quickly

 The Big Secret of Manifesting Desires Quickly Many people confuse manifestation with the right kind of thought process. In actual fact, reality is created not by the way we think but by the way we “feel”.  Understanding this crucial difference helps in achievement of manifestations. Everything in this universe has a vibration frequency and tends to attract anything that […]

Contacting Divine Self

Contacting Divine Self

After reading my thoughts in yesterday’s article some of you have asked me Contacting Divine Self. Unknown to many, our divine self is forever trying to reach us! Therefore, once you consciously try to make contact with it you will definitely get all its gifts in form of guidance and assistance in every sphere of […]

Experiencing Divine Self

Experiencing divine self is not at all elusive. Our divine self is a beacon that shows us a joyous and better way to live. Reiki as well as various other techniques of meditation make us realize that we are manifestations of energy at a very higher level. We are physical beings surrounded by various energy levels. These subtle energies […]

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Making Crystals Work 

When you do crystal healing, remember that you have to focus on Making Crystals work “with” you, and not “for” you. I have come across many people who were “lured” into buying crystals by their teachers; who quite often give them one sided information about their magical healing properties. They subsequently find out that the […]

Deep Breathing Self Hypnosis

Deep Breathing Self Hypnosis

Deep Breathing Self Hypnosis is a proven method for achieving complete relaxation. It is also the best way to start a self-hypnosis session. What is Deep Breathing? If you count your breaths you will realize that you are taking almost 15 to 20 shallow breathing cycles per minute. Also, there is hardly any movement of the chest. […]


Understanding Astrology

Most of us are capable of understanding astrology and are familiar at least with our Sun sign; which is the most commonly known aspect of astrology.  Sun signs are made all the more popular by the daily, weekly and the yearly horoscopes that often form a fixed regular column in daily newspapers, magazines as well as websites. However, […]

Developing Psychic Abilities

Developing Psychic Abilities

Understand What Being Psychic Is All About  Developing Psychic Abilities deals with something more than your basic five senses.  These five senses deal with what is around us. Whereas the extra sensory perception that we are talking about deals with what is deep inside! For Developing Psychic Abilities we have to get into that state […]