Seeking Guidance from Spiritual Guides

 Seeking Guidance from Spiritual Guides and Listening to them at a time when you are at any crossroad of life is the best favors that you can do to yourself. Believe it or not, we all have our own spiritual guides who take us through our life from the beginning to its end. Why some […]

Is Reiki Attunement Necessary?

Why is Reiki Attunement Necessary? I was asked this question by a youngster yesterday. It’s a fairly common  thought that comes to the mind; after all who attuned Mikao Usui? He got the knowledge of Reiki all by himself, isn’t it? So do we need to be attuned? And my answer was like this – Frankly, […]

Using Self-Hypnosis for Achievement of Goals

Using Self-Hypnosis for Achievement of Goals is a very common thing that most world class athletes and achievers commonly use.  Hypnotism itself is a therapeutic tool, which when used properly, can be used to overcome emotional, psychological and physical health problems. There are many misconceptions about hypnotism which arise from having half the knowledge as well as […]

It’s a Beautiful Love

It’s a Beautiful Love All the cards you see placed on the shelf, cannot express anywhere near how I feel, And the type of love, that I share in my heart; Is the one nobody could steal. Oh, How do I put my feelings into words? It is an almost impossible thing to do! Is just […]

Why Manifestations Fail

Why Manifestations Fail?

Why Manifestations Fail ? Are you Imagining or dreaming? There is a subtle difference between the two. Dreams are flashes of what we can loosely term as imagery. It is some fringe thought- often unintentional and arising from our subconscious mind. I would like to think of it more like the result of churn that […]

It’s Never Been Like This

​​I’ve met many others before,Yet,  I’ve never felt like this,The way my senses inhale youMy body quivers,with an exceptional bliss, How I wish my senses get frozenFrom my intensity of sweet desire,I need you with me alwaysTo hold you, feel you in my arms,Till we are finally consumed by fire.

The SUPER one Minute Meditation

The world around us is moving at a very fast pace; with rapid changes that we are physically and mentally are not equipped to handle. This naturally takes a toll on her health sooner or later. We need to slow down a bit but that is not so easy. So how do we achieve this? […]

Letting go of love…..

​Today I am feeling very low. Why? Because I developed hatred for someone I loved dearly till yesterday. Now, before you jump to conclusions hear me out.  We love from our heart, right? Wrong!  Actually, we love first from our mind. Then it gets transmitted to the heart.The problem is that when we love from […]

​Using Reiki to Heal Relationships

Using Reiki to Heal Relationships Reiki is an effective tool to Heal Relationships and for nurturing and creating happy relationships in our lives. What is a relationship? How do you define it? In reality, Relationship is a bond of energy between a set of people. Once you recognize this fact, it is easy to understand […]


Enchanted Love

Enchanted Love Draped in an amazing charm, Reflecting such soulful eloquence, your contours chiseled in perfection your eyes sparkle with attraction. Your synchronized display of beauty Mesmerizing this entwined soul Your beauty orchestrating images Of calm and serene on the whole Conjuring up a sea of passion Stoking a silent storm of emotion, Withstanding every wind […]