Adjustment????…bullshit !

The adjustment stories that we come across are NOT of sacrifices but acceptance!  Essentially all adjustments are an acceptance. Acceptance can be in any form. Eg - ​ Spouse has problems with in-laws; so adjust by ignoring or keeping out of way. Children not able to score as well as the neighborhood children – adjust to the uncomfortable […]


​How much can we run from ourselves?How much can we hide?The feelings run so deep,Would we want to hurt?Soil our heart and our pride? Strange are his methods to test us,Strange are his ways.When everything goes,Honesty stays.

Adaptogens??  What is that????

Not many of us have heard about this new entrant in the world of health an d medicine. So, have you missed something? Not at all. Unlike the pharma biggies, adaptogens were not born yesterday. They have been used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine and Chinese traditional medicine for centuries. But its acceptance by modern science […]

REIKI: How to Achieve Prosperity 

We all want to be comfortable with lot of money. Therefore, we strive to have better jobs and look for better opportunities that take us forward. While this may be common for most of us, you will see that many people living in similar circumstances and with similar desires follow two completely different paths and […]

Improving Relationships with Reiki HEALING

Forming relationships is a natural process as we progress in the jour ney of our life. As children, we form bonds with parents, siblings, cousins as well as other distant family members. Later as we grow, we add to our list friends at school, teachers, and peers. Later, romantic relationships are formed when an unrelated […]

Basics of Pranayama and Yogic Breathing

What Is the Meaning of Pranayama? Prana when literally translated means spirit or the breath andyama means control. Pranayama is thus loosely translated as prana or breathe control. Breathing is the essence of living, yet most of us don’t even notice it. It is so simple and obvious we often take it for granted. It has immense […]

HOW MANY  REIKI healing sessions are adequate?

This is one question that may come up in your mind; especially s o when you have a chronic ailment and are paying for every session. Here are some of my thoughts on it – Every person has his/her own unique different problem. Some people require just one to two sessions, while the others may […]

​DifferenceS BETWEEN  Healing Crystals and Gemstones

​Crystals have been used extensively by energy healers all over the world since ancient times.   Many a Reiki practitioners use crystals for Reiki healing and for balancing the energy to speed up the healing process. Crystal grids are a very important part of Reiki healing techniques and can bring about many positive results.  At the same […]

​YOUR Lucky gemstones based on sun-signs

Rashi/Sunsign             Lucky Gemstone          Ruling Planet Aries/Mesha                 Red Coral                     Mars/MangalTaurus/Vrishbha          Diamond                       Venus/ShukraGemini/Mithuna   […]

Reiki HEALING: ​The importance of Grounding

Grounding is a very important part of Reiki healing; but is seldom given the importance by most Reiki practitioners.  This is also because a very little mention is made (if at all) and most Reiki masters do not ensure a full practice while concluding their training. As energy healers using these subtle but strong forces, […]