​Healing Power of Positive Thinking

Positive thinking has immense healing power. You can easily apply thi s methodology to improve your heal yourself of any health problem. This is not merely an empty statement. There is enough scientific evidence to prove it. You can heal yourself and improve life with your positive and optimistic thoughts.What does it need?All that it […]

Reiki Manifestation-  Achieving Your Goal

Reiki Manifestation is used  for achievement of goals. Be it a job,  business, relationship, material goods, general money abundance, treatment of disease, etc.Reiki is a very powerful technique to achieve the same. This is so because all that you seek is its inherent factor – it is an intelligent energy  that gives us unexpectedly magical results. […]


A grid is a special design or grouping of stones. In Reiki healings, these stones (crystals) are charged and arranged in a particular design for specific situations and purposes. When empowered with a sacred intention, each stone amplifies the energy of other stones and together they can lead to achievement of intent in a very […]

The misuse of Reiki

These days’ humans have become very complicated and their desires never seem to end. It saddens me to see people misguide and “sell” Reiki by giving instant attunements, instant Reiki videos, symbols for getting wealthy, energized stones, etc etc. Recently I came across what was described as “symbol for wealth!”Just pause and think, can a symbol […]