​Morning Prayer

When you waken up in the morningPull yours elf together,As the time is just right.Send out a prayer for allYou may not see the creatorBut he’s never out of sight. What you get is not matters,What you give is what is right.Even if you think nothing can change,Just leave your karma alone,That’s for the creator to […]

Letting go of love…..

Today I am feeling very low.Why?Because, I developed a hatred for someone I loved dearly till yesterday.Now, before you jump to conclusions hear me out.We love from our heart, right?Wrong! Actually, we love first from our mind. Then it gets transmitted to the heart.The problem is that when we love from the heart it is unreasonably […]

Decoding the FIVE principles OF REIKI

“The 5 Principles of Reiki” is often one of the first things we learn in Reiki during the first level of attunement and training. Quite often, its importance is also the least understood. I have found that many of the students who come to me for higher levels are neither aware of this nor understand […]

Seven Steps to Energy or Spiritual Healing

Before we embark upon any type of alternative therapy, it is better to understand what exactly makes the holistic or energy healing work. This is because the basic principle of energy healing is not to treat the physical body but to treat the source of energy that governs this body as we see it in […]


​ Like everything else these days, even positive thinking and manifestation has been reduced to something that is to be used for acquiring material goals and worldly desires.However, it is much more than that. It is one of the most important tools that can be used in developing a positive attitude that goes beyond the worldly […]