Meditation In Daily Life

You must do your meditation regularly… And from your heart thank God for what he has given. Don’t count what you don’t have.. All these things have no meaning. Help out someone needy.. In anything.. even a little act of kindness like helping someone cross the road or “being there” listening to someone changes your […]

The Principle of Exchange

I have always felt that far too many people are in the Reiki “Business” as they themselves call it.What a way to describe it (or practice it)? Is it a business?A resounding NO!!!!! Such a beautiful gift off God cannot be made demeaning. Yet at the same time, Reiki masters down the ages have talked […]

How to do Aura Cleansing

1. First do the full session on yourself followed by grounding instead of de-linking ie… Focus on energy coming from crown chakra and passing thru all others thru feet into the ground. Follow up with power symbol for protection. 2. Seal the area around you (and in case of other persons distance healing seal the […]

Ego and How to Overcome Ego

What is Ego? As per the dictionary it is defined as – “a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance”. Analyze this – “he needed a boost to his ego” is a commonly heard sentence. Synonyms of ego:  self-importance, self-esteem, self-worth,  self-conceit, self-image, self-confidence; self-respect, amour propre In psychoanalysis it is – “the part of the mind that mediates between the conscious […]

KARMA & How can we break our karmic cycle

Today my daughter surprised me by asking a simple question. “How can we break our karmic cycle? ….if at all we can do so.” My Answer was simple – Yes, we can, and it is very easy too. And I explained thus – One way is by engaging ourselves in more acts of kindness to […]


The intensity of bond between a father and a son is unique; something best understood by the parents. Children generally realize this priceless relationship only in their hindsight. Most kids see parental bonding as boring and sometimes even embarrassing. But ts been very differerent with my sons – both are gems and have added immense […]

Why Do We Remember Negative Events More

Sometimes we wonder why we tend to remember only bad things that have happened in the past and not something good that has happened. If you reflect, you will realize that often we do have many present memories. Of course some of them are unpleasant ones too but they are much fewer ones in number. […]

Develop your Intuition Positively

Intuition is knowledge. It is the communication method of the Spirit. Intuition is also “knowing” something beyond the realms of reason or any prior experience. Simplistically, it is direct knowledge from the very innermost depth of your being. In reality, the Spiritual region of our mind is also its intuitive region. Intuition is actually a higher […]


Most people often find manifesting success impossible because their inherent emotions are not in synch with their thoughts. Remember, success will happen only when our thoughts create our emotional energy and our subconscious mind stops interference with the normal flow of positive thoughts. Every person has the potential to be a creator. Since all of […]

Basics of Pranayama and Yogic Breathing

What Is the Meaning of Pranayama? Prana when literally translated means spirit or the breath and yama means control. Pranayama is thus loosely translated as prana or breathe control.Breathing is the essence of living, yet most of us don’t even notice it. It is so simple and obvious we often take it for granted. It has immense power […]